D.T.N ULUSLARARASI NAKLİYAT TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (KOZYATAĞI TAX OFFICE / 2650077403- MERSİS NO: 0265007740300015), as data controller and/or data processor, processes your data only within the scope of the following purpose and extent and under The Law No. 6698 On The Protection Of Personal Data in order to protect primarily, privacy of private life, fundamental rights and freedoms of persons during processing of personal data and regulate the obligations of real and legal persons processing personal data and the procedures and principles to be followed by them.

Our company holds all necessary technical and administrative infrastructure in order to protect all of your personal data with its regulations regarding data processing security realized with its administrative procedures, information technology support and top level security measures.

Purpose of Processing Personal Data and Transfer of Processed Data

D.T.N ULUSLARARASI NAKLİYAT TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (KOZYATAĞI TAX OFFICE / 2650077403- MERSİS NO: 0265007740300015), prioritizing respect to individuals, gives importance to and is sensitive to the issues of protecting individuals’ rights and securing data security and acts in accordance with legal requirements.

Our company processes data with the purpose of regulating our commercial relations and ensuring commercial security, ensuring legal and physical security of our customers, business partners, company employees and other 3rd Persons; ensuring corporate operation of our Company, performing activities and transactions under the contracts and protocols signed, carrying out corporate contact activities, creating and following visitor records; determining preferences and necessities of employees, data controllers, contact persons, representatives of data controller and data processors, accordingly regulating the relevant services and if necessary, update the same; ensuring that legal obligations are fulfilled as required by legal regulations; making contact with real/legal persons with whom we have a business relationship, preparing legal reports and in relation to the burden of the proof as an evidence in the legal disputes to be arisen in the future.

Your personal data processed by our relevant departments in line with the purposes set forth and within the scope of the Law Number 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and other relevant legislation is transferred to the authorized public institutions and organizations, our consultants, financial institutions for evaluating financial risks, independent audit companies for carrying out audit processes, local/international bodies from which we have received support in our business processes as required by SGK (Social Insurance Authority), Labor Law No.4857, Social Insurances and General Health Insurance Law No.5510, Occupational Health and Safety Law No.6331 and other legal regulations on a legal basis and within the framework of your consent.


However, your personal data may be processed without your express consent based on one of the following legal reasons set forth in the sub-clause 2 of article no.5 of the Law Number 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. If processing personal data is:
clearly stipulated in the Laws,
disclosed by the personal data owner himself/herself
mandatory for protection of data owner’s or another person’s life or bodily integrity due to the fact that data owner is unable to express his/her consent due to physical impossibility,
Processing personal data of the contract parties is mandatory provided that it is directly related to establishment or performance of a contract,
mandatory for fulfillment of the legal obligation of our Company
mandatory for establishment, exercise or protection of a right
mandatory for legitimate interests of our Company provided that this does not give damage to the fundamental rights and freedoms of personal data owners.

Method for Collection of Personal Data

Your Personal data is collected at the address of Küçükbakkalköy Mah. Fevzipaşa Cad. Akyürek İş Mrk. No:51 K:2/6 Ataşehir/ İstanbul or our company’s e-mail address in verbal, written or electronic environment via various documents communicated to our company by job application forms, information forms, corporate contact accounts, mail and e-mails, our customers, our suppliers and other 3rd persons, various channels such as security camera records, company information systems; our customers, companies to which we provide service/product, our business partners and other 3rd persons provided that it is limited only with the presence of legal reasons.

Measures Taken within the Scope of Ensuring Personal Data Security

Our Company takes necessary technical and administrative measures in order that these personal data processed within the framework of the relevant legislation are not processed against law, access is not gained to data illegally and for protection and security of the data and carries out or has necessary inspections carried out.

Rights of Personal Data Owner Set Forth in Article no.11 of the Law Number 6698

In the event that you communicate your rights and demands regarding your personal data to our Company within the framework of the following procedures, our Company will evaluate and respond your applications in the soonest possible time and within thirty days at the latest.

With your application, you will have the right to:
a. learn whether or not personal data has been processed,
b. learn for which purpose your personal data has been processed and whether or not these personal data has been used in accordance with its intended use
c. know the third persons to whom personal data has been transferred in the country or abroad,

d. if the personal data has been processed inaccurately and with missing items, to request correction of these mistakes,
e. to make a request for deletion or disposal of your personal data within the framework of article no.7 of the Law,
f. to make a request for informing the third persons to whom personal data have been transferred in respect of the transactions for deletion or disposal of personal data set forth in sub-paragraphs (d) and (e) of the Article,
g. in case processed data are processed by analysis through exclusively automatic systems and if it is likely that an unfavorable result occurs, to raise an objection to such processing,
ğ. if a damage is incurred due to illegal processing of personal data, to make a request for covering the damages

Applications to be made by the personal data owner may be sent in written to Küçükbakkalköy Mah.Fevzipaşa Cad.Akyürek İş Mrk.No:51 K:2/6 Ataşehir/İstanbul or in electronic environment to the web address by registered electronic e-mail address, secure electronic signature or mobile signature.

Information indicating the identity of the relevant person and the relevant documents must be attached to the applications. If the information and documents are not sufficient for searching, Company may require additional information and documents to be submitted by the relevant person.

Personal data processed by our Company are deleted, disposed or anonymized in the event that the application of the relevant person regarding deletion and disposal of his/her personal data within the scope of the his/her rights explained above and as required by article no.11 of the Law Number 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, personal data is processed only based on the condition of express consent, the relevant person withdraws his/her express consent, the relevant legislation provisions as the basis for processing personal data are changed or cancelled, the purpose for processing or storing personal data has become non-existent, maximum period requiring personal data to be stored has expired and there is not any condition which justifies personal data storage for a longer period does not exist.

More detailed information regarding the issue is available in our Company’s “Personal Data Protection and Processing Procedure.”