International Moving

We are aware of our responsibilities as an international moving company and the most important of these responsibilities is to entrust our customer’s valuable homes to us. With this awareness, we are offering our services with our highly trained and experienced team with best produced materials in order to prevent any damage from dealing with the sensitivity of our customer’s house to our own home. We know that those who are entrusted to us are not only household goods but also our customer’s memories and parts that are special to them.

Our professional and experienced move coordinators guide our customers in determining the best mode of transportation for each case. These can be by road, sea and air depending on the volume of the belongings and the destination, our dedicated move coordinator will plan the best way forward and will be there at every step until the goods are delivered safely at the destination.

International Moves require serious preparation and packing and thats why our crew participate in regular trainings to achive a certain level of quality and our customers can be sure that are in the most skilful and reliable hands.

This training includes dismantling of furniture, the packing of each and every item and the preparation of a comprehensive packing list in English. Special items such as piano, safe, paintings, and items of great sentimental value are packed with the most suitable packing materials and placed in tailor made wooden cases to ensure a safe and secure journey.

At the destination, all items are fully unpacked on a flat surface before placed in accordance with the wishes of the client and debris removal performed on the day of delivery.


-Pre-move survey to calculate the volume
-Custom-designed removal strategy, determining the date for packing
-Assistance for customs document
-All-risk Transit Insurance(as per request)
-Professional Packing based on International Standarts
-Customs clearance at origin
-Air, sea and/or road transportation
-Customs clearance at destination
-Delivery services and Debris removal on the day of unpacking
-Claims management for insurance if required
-Short term and long term storage at both origin and destination if required

Local Moving

We do not have any expectations on the size or type of shipment, we just give importance to the pleasure of our customer in other words every move has to be like tailor made. With this understanding our team of experts will handle every step of the local moving process, no matter the volume or the destination of your move with providing the following services to achieve the quickest and smoothest office or residence move experience;


-Pre-move planning and studying the floor plan
-Providing boxes to each desk/office for self-preparation before packing day
-Packing the all Office stuff
-Modular furniture dismantling and assembly
-Electronic equipment disconnection and reconnection
-Installation of light fixtures, paintings, etc
-Cleaning services based on request
-Single point of contact throughout the whole process
-Storage in our facilities if requested


-Pre-move planning
-Providing boxes for self-preparation before packing day
-Packing the all household stuff
-Furniture dismantling and assembly
-Electronic equipment disconnection and reconnection
-Installation of light fixtures, paintings, etc
-Cleaning services based on request
-Single point of contact throughout the whole process
-Storage in our facilities if requested

Fine Art

Our fine art moving process encompasses everything needed to make the pieces’ relocation a success. Our services can be customised to specific art collection and personal requirements.

As DTN we understand each piece of fine art is unique and priceless. Thats why our professional fine art team give our maximum attendion and excellent care to these goods and provide the applicable standarts of packing and crating. For the most appropriate ways of preservation, chemically and physically neutral materials are chosen and the process is implemented by professional dedicated fine art team and transported via climate control system equipped trucks.

The primary goal of the transportation is to keep both the handling and variations in climatic conditions to the minimum level possible.

Planning, pricing and the coordination of local and long distance transportation are carefully formulated and performed by our expert team.

Short & Long Term Warehousing

No matter whether you would like to store individual object on a temporary basis or for long-term periods we always has a safe place available for your furniture, pictures, paintings, antiquities and any other sensitive or highly valuable goods.

Our modern storage facilities are dust-free, temperature and humidity controlled environment, palletised storage designed exclusively for your special storage requirements controlled with 24 hour alarm and camera system.

Pet Transfer

We know the importance of your best friend for you, so we have to think your pet’s comfort as like as your comfort. Because of this reason we can handle all arrangements to ensure the personal care and handling of your pet, from the time your pet is picked up at your home until it arrives to your new home, any place in the worl.


We know that when it comes to moving, you already have enough to worry about without thinking about the transportation of getting your belongings from A to B. Thats why our experienced team can assist you to get rid of these worries with providing you to following relocation services; finding and/or moving into a new house, settling in, immigration registration, car and pet registration, organizing school for children, work residence permit registration, conducting local culture training, supporting integration into the new location and/or culture and additional services.

Our dedicated moving coordinators can spend time with you to understand your relocation needs and can provide you comprehensive advice and a detailed quote.

Customs Brokerage

Each country operates under a different set of import and Export Customs Rules and Regulations, A customs brokerage firm is responsible for knowing all of these rules and regulations and ensuring that they are follewed, in order to streamline the process of shipping goods as much as possible for the individual or organization. In effect DTN Movers alleviate the stress of dealing with customs officials and learning shipping regulations so that our clients can spend more time to manage their own operations.

Customs brokers serve in effect as translators, communicating with agencies and government throughout the shipping process, to ensure that all of the proper procedures have been followed. Our licensed and authorized broker have the expertise to quickly move your goods in compliance with Customs and import Regulations.

Customs brokerage service provided for used household goods, cars, diplomatic goods, fine arts, pets and commercial shipment. As DTN we can follow up your necessary document at the customers in order to finish the process as soon as possible and with the most proper way.

Vehicle Formalities

We know that how important our customer’s vehicle for them and thats why our experienced team give our maximum attendion and excellent care to vehicles transportation process. Transportation of a vehicle to/from Turkey can be confusing without the right help. In line with the custom regulations of Turkey, the only way a person can ship their vehicle to/from Turkey if they are moving to/from Turkey for work, retirement or education.

With over years of international shipping experience, we have shipped hundreds of vehicle to and from Turkey based on our customer’s expectations. You can contact with us for your vehicle transportation process to/from Turkey in order to our experienced team can find out which way is suitable for your status.

Transit Insurance

Insurance coverage is a must for international movements. In-spite of the best packing and safe transportation, factors beyond our control like accidents, fire, sabotage, natural calamities etc can result in damages to the goods. Hence we repeat “Insurance is a must”.

We know that how important our customer’s goods for them and thats why we can offer a special insurance for the international movements whiich is International All Risks Transit Insurance. All Risk Transit insurance can be provided for all your used household goods,cars and office goods in order to cover and protect your goods piece by piece.