Moving Tips

Relocating to another country can be a tedious, time-consuming task without an organization that is why international moving checklists are truly useful. It is important to have a full understanding of all the requirements and to prepare in advance in order to ensure a successful international move. Even the easiest moves cause headaches and an international shipping is never easy. You need to plan and re-check all details if you want this moving experience to be a success. The following checklist can help you take care of everything you need before an international shipping.

1. Obtain Necessary Paperwork: This step will vary depending on the reason you’re moving. You’ll need a different visa if you’re moving for school than if you’re moving for work. This is good to keep in mind if you’re moving with children. Your family and you will also need passports if you are moving out of the country.If you don’t have passports already, be sure to give yourself enough time for applying and processing(ideally,several months). As DTN International Movers we can assist and make you contact the right institutions for your visa and other necessary paperwork.

2. Decide What To Carry And What To Ship:If you’re flying to your new destination, obviously you won’t be able to fit an entire household into carry-ons and a couple of checked bags. Thus, you will need to decide what to carry with you or what to have shipped. It is recommended you keep important documents, medications, and clothing with you, as these things may be needed on a short notice. In terms of shipping, be aware of any non-allowable items. As DTN Movers, we will provide you with a list, but generally, non-allowable items include things like food, alcohol, firearms, narcotics, pornographic and explosives. However, these restrictions can vary depending on the country to which you’re moving.

3. What About My Car?:We know that your car is precious and important for you and that’s why you want to bring your car wherever you go in order to feel at home. As DTN, we can ship your car from/to all over the world without any problem and any damage. Our dedicated staff can assist and advise to you about the driving license, duties-taxes and further information about the process. All you will think is to find a new parking place near your home.

4. Consider Storage Options:This is another factor to plan if your international relocation is temporary, like for a military-work relocation or attending for education. If there are certain items that are special or important to you but that aren’t necessary to bring or won’t fit in your new home we can provide for storage in your country of origin or where you are moving with our reliable and experienced agents all over the world.

5. Take Care Of All The “Details”: In addition to the bigger logistical pieces, there are many smaller parts of the equation to remember. This includes finding schooling for children and relocation services for pets, transferring your bank accounts, getting any required vaccinations, and whether you’ll need a new cell phone and/or adapters for your electronics. All of your demands can be completed with the assistance of our dedicated staff, what you need to do is to determine your requirements and let us know.

Embarking on an international shipping or movement can seem like a daunting task, but can be very manageable if you break it up into smaller steps with DTN International Mover’s guidance according to our experiences for years in the sector.

Our expert and experienced coordinators are ready to serve you in line with all your expectations and needs.